Laura Lee
Inclusion & Diversity Manager
Van Lanschot Kempen
Spreker Bio
With 15 years of experience working in the finance sector - first within risk management before then moving into the field of HR – Laura understands the importance of using data to drive decision-making. In her role as Inclusion, Diversity & Development Manager Laura successfully launched the Van Lanschot Kempen Inclusion & Diversity Policy in 2022, making it a key focus point for the organisation to work on measuring (with the support of AnalitiQs) and reducing the gender pay gap. She also contributed to the WOMEN Inc. Equal Reward Guide presented to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment on Equal Pay Day 2022. Laura sits in the HR Management Team at Van Lanschot Kempen and is also responsible for Learning & Development. With a keen eye on the key pillars of technology and data, Laura initiated a learning maturity assessment earlier this year, the outcome of which is a 1-2 year roadmap with the end goal of delivering an enhanced end-user (learning) experience.
Laura Lee